Scheint dass man aktuell bei Robbie Williams Online Store am anstehen ist. Wie ja bereits bekannt, können heute von allen Subscribers 4 Tickets für die nächste Tour erworben werden. Jetzt heisst es also anstehen bis die Türen wieder geöffnet werden. Es scheint dass man sich bei Robbie keine Gedanken über den Ansturm der Käufer gemacht hat.

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  1. Dear Subscriber

    Tickets Update: Advice for Subscribers who experienced difficulties this morning

    Firstly, if you’ve already received a Tickets Order Confirmation email you will know that your purchase was successful so you don’t need to worry about the advice below!

    We know many of you have had problems buying tickets this morning, please accept our apologies for all the difficulties but please also be reassured that if you did not manage to successfully purchase tickets you will still have a chance to do so. It is only after you have successfully purchased that you will not be able to use your password to re-enter the ticketing site.

    There are plenty of tickets left, and if you haven’t yet purchased your tickets you will be able to come back when we put the site live again. Please check back at around 2.30pm.

    If you experienced problems earlier today midway through the process, please see the advice below:

    1. If you entered all your details on the Billing Address page, reached the Delivery Address and Order Confirmation page and on clicking Submit you did not get through to the Direct Pay Ltd payment page, you should start the process again after 2.30pm. Please follow the special unique link previously sent to you by email – this will be the quickest way to reach the ticketing site.
    2. If you entered your payment details on the Direct Pay Ltd payment page and it failed when you submitted your payment: eg. if you didn’t receive the Payment Successful page or Confirmation email, please call the Customer Care Centre on 0870 042 7441
    3. If you reach the Direct Pay Ltd payment page you should not refresh your browser. If you receive a ‚Page Expired‘ message, you should start the process again by following the link previously sent to you in your email.

    The ticketing site, when busy, operates a queuing system. If you are presented with the busy page, please do NOT refresh the page as this will put you further back in the queue. This page refreshes automatically every 30 seconds and as soon as the ticketing site is able to serve you, you will automatically be presented with the selection pages.

    Once again please accept our apologies for all the difficulties this morning, our partners are working very hard to rectify the problems caused by the processing issues and if you haven’t already successfully purchased you will be able to re-visit the ticketing site after 2.30pm to do so.

    Best regards
    Inner Sanctum

  2. langsam kann ich die site nicht mehr sehen… vorhin wär ich auf jeden fall mal reingekommen aber da war ausverkauft…

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