Berner Startups gesucht!

Kleiner Hinweis auf das erste Swiss Startup Ideation Bootcamp vom 28. März 2012 im Swisscom Braingym in Bern (das hiess doch bisher immer Brandgym? i’m confused). Das Founder Institute sucht an diesem Abendanlass nach interessanten Startups:

So you have an idea for a startup, do you? But what is the next step? This is it.
In just three hours, the Startup Ideation Bootcamp will help you improve your idea, come up with new ideas, and even recruit potential cofounders. Join us for a fun evening.

Mit dabei ist Amir Suisa, Gründer von, der wohl für den neuen Ringier Inkubator noch Projektideen sucht.

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  1. Dear Christian
    Thanks for sharing our event on your blog and with your community!
    Just a small remarks: for our 15 week Curriculum we are not necessarily looking for Bernese Startups but for Swiss Startups from both sides of the Röstigrabe. Hence, the location Bern so it can be easily reached by train from Basel, Zurich, Luzern, Lausanne, Brig, Fribourg, and even from Geneva.
    Jasper Bouwsma | Steffen Wagner
    Directorship Founder Institute Switzerland

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