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  1. ID/Boarding Pass Security Pouch!


    Your most valuable gateway to world-travel is your identity. U.S. Federal regulations require air passengers to show a current government-issued form of identification, along with an airline-issued boarding pass. Keeping track of these important documents is not easy until now.

    Our wearable hands-free security ID and document pouch makes fast, easy and secure access to your travel-identity essentials. Designed by Easy TravelAir™ to clearly display a driver’s license, passport or other forms of photo ID plus large enough to hold a boarding pass or E-ticket documentation. Can be worn either out or under loose clothing when not needed for identity purposes. Suspends comfortably on an adjustable neck cord for keeping ID secure and close-at-hand for those multiple security checkpoints.

    Created by a frequent traveler who saw the need for a visible identity/document holder to aid busy business, family and unaccompanied children travelers. Highlighted in USA Today, as a “must-have travel accessory.”


  2. Ein Flachmann? Gürteltierschnaps? AppleTV? Ein Handy, welches wir morgen testen? Schokolade für @pictura? Eine Pferdebürste? Die neue Jimi-Hendrix-Special-Box?

  3. Du Herr Leu: In Ihrem Benachrichtigungs-Mail über neue Kommentare ist der Link zu „Benachrichtigungen verwalten“ falsch, da fehlt ein / am richtigen Ort.

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