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Wer ein bisserl mehr über seine RSS-Feed Leser wissen will, brennt seinen Feed bei Feedburner. Auf meine Anfrage ob man dann auch mehrere Feeds zu einem Feed zusammenbrennen könnte hab ich nun innerhalb 10 Minuten schon die 2te Antwort erhalten. Scheint fast die Jungs warten auf Feedback!

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  1. Antwort A:
    Hello Christian-

    That is one of our most-requested features. While it sounds
    straightforward (and the technology part is), there are a whole lot
    of legal and copyright ownership issues to be straightened out when
    it is implemented by a service company like ours.

    Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t offer a general splicing
    service, but only splicing of your social bookmarks (like and photos (like Flickr and Buzznet).


    Antwort B:
    Thank you for your question… currently we do not offer that kind of
    feature… we are planning on it though… I can not tell you a firm
    date but it is very high on our priorities

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