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As I wrote in this article, there are still web services today that boast local offerings but do not have an iPhone client. Since these services are particularly useful when I want to find the nearest stationery somewhere on the go, it’s actually a no-go. Sprain has already thought about this and wanted to close this gap with universal localization software .

I have now come up with a service that can work for several services at the same time as well as for individual sites. One of the free Here i am applications is used , which does nothing more than send your own position to any email address. ( In the next version of the iPhone software, this should even be possible from the integrated Google Maps. )

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The email with the coordinates will now be sent to, for example.

I am at,+7.153945

On the server side, the message is analyzed and the coordinates are extracted. An email will then be sent back with the link for the relevant page. For example as which would get the localized content of the site.

If websites are not equipped to search for coordinates directly, you could use the Google MAP API for reverse geocoding . This gives you the location and street based on the coordinates.

As in the example on this page, the result would then be Aarbergergasse 19, 3011 Bern, Switzerland .

This would allow me to create links such as this link for local searches on Qype or this link for property searches in Bern on Aarbergerstrasse .

So it’s a way to simplify your own service for iPhone users without making any adjustments to the website technology. Simply providing a specific email would be enough to receive local data.

Of course, you could now use the principle to create a website/service for local search results in Switzerland such as real estate, shops and more, but I’d be happy to leave that to others.

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