NanoBlogger scheint ein kleines feines BlogTool mit vielen Funktionen zu sein. Hab es selber noch nicht runtergeladen oder installiert, denn 2 verschiedene Tools sind genug. Die Features sehen aber gut aus.


* intuitive commandline interface
* highly configurable and scriptable :)
* easy drafting, editing, and management of entries
* archiving by category, entry, and month
* pagination
* permanent and navigational links
* templates and CSS style sheets for full control over layout
* placeholders for easy template manipulation
* support for multiple weblogs
* support for multiple categories
* support for relative and absolute links
* support for date manipulation of entries
* Atom syndication (comes with 0.3 format)
* RSS syndication (comes with RSS 1.0 and 2.0 formats)
* plugins for calendar, recent entries, weblog status, etc.
* plugins for text formatting (e.g. line breaks translate to HTML)
* global (nb.conf) and per-weblog (blog.conf) configuration
* intelligent build system – only updates relative files
* simple cache system for improved effeciency
* independent of java-script and server-side scripting (e.g. PHP)
* independent of external database (stores data in flat-files)
* multi-language support
* multi-platform portability (just bash and the required commands)

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