Teamwechsel bei Cocomment?

Komisch, wieso gehen bei cocomment insgesamt 4 Entwickler von einem Tag auf den anderen von Bord? Wer steckt dort eigentlich sonst noch dahinter? Bis jetzt hatte ich immer das Gefühl das seien diejenigen die Cocomment entwickelt und lanciert haben?

At the same time we have to inform you that the current development team is replaced with a new one. As of now, Dominik ‘hilti’ Hiltbrunner, Jean-Claude ‘JC’ Brantschen, Roger ‘jegi’ Jegerlehner and me, Peter ‘Merlin’ Balsiger, will not be a part of coComment any more.

Na ja, Steph wirds schon richten!

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  1. Not exactly sure what you say in your post (you know how bad my Deutsch is), but this team change has to do with transitioning away from Swisscom Innovations. If you move the project away, it means Swisscom Innovations devs will be moved to other projects. (This is how I understood it, correct me if I’m saying stupid things here.)

  2. OK, finally got a translation from somebody I know. They didn’t „leave“ in the sense they ran off or gave their resignation. What’s happening is that cocomment is moving out of Swisscom Innovations (as I said above), which they work for.

    So if Swisscom Innovations is not longer in charge of the development for coComment, they aren’t either. Does that make sense?

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