PayPal Quartalszahlen Q2

Ebay hat heute die Ergebnisse des zweiten Quartals 2007 bekannt gegeben. Darin findet man auch die aktuelle Situation bei PayPal:

PayPal net revenues totaled $454 million in Q2-07, a growth rate of 34% over the $339 million reported in Q1-06. PayPal’s total payment volume (TPV) was $11.69 bill in Q2-07, up 32% from Q2-06. PayPal Merchant Services contributed $4.92 billion globally to the $11.69 billion in global TPV in Q2-07, representing a 57% increase from the $3.13 billion reported in Q2-06.

PayPal had 153.1 million total accounts at the end of Q2-07, a 35% increase from the 113.7 million reported at the end of Q2-06 and up 10 million from the prior quarter. Of that number of total accounts, 35.9 million were active in the quarter, up 22% from Q2-06.

PayPal reported a transaction revenue rate of 3.70% for the quarter, a transaction expense rate of 1.12% and a transaction loss rate of 0.29%.

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